{Let's Get Creative} Lindsey Scholz Photography | Cyber Monday Entries

Thanks to all of you who participated. This was so fun to read what inspires your creativity & what is important to you in life. I loved EVERY single one of them!! I will allow the voting to go on until 1pm EST on Wednesday, November 30th. You must vote in the comment box on my Lindsey Scholz Photography Facebook Page. THANK YOU!!!

Entry #1- My dream session would be to get family pictures that would include all 4 generations of my family. One of my biggest regrets is not getting family photos taken while my dad and grandma were still alive. I would like to have some family photos taken before we lose any more members of our family. My grandpa just bounced back from prostate cancer and I want to have photos taken with him, his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren!

Entry #2- So many people these days are thinking of neat creative ways to announce the gender of their child and we would love to do a maternity/gender/name reveal shoot all at once!! For the gender reveal we (Mom, Dad and kiddo #1) would like to use colored balloons (pink or blue of course) and be standing outdoors (possibly a beachy area) holding both colors of balloons. Get pictures of that and then let go of the balloons in the color that the baby IS NOT so you are left holding the color of what the baby is. For the Name reveal we would be sitting on black top with a few names written out in chalk and we can give kiddo #1 a little chalk board with the actual name on it so he can do the big reveal! We would keep the name and gender a secret until the photos were posted as a sneak peek and then we would share with the world!!

Entry #3- My dream session would be a two hour session for my son.  He will be 7 months old on December 4th.  I would love for the session to be staged so that I could use the pictures to put together two books... One book would be to learn his body parts ie. pics of his hands, fingers, feet, toes, belly, nose, eyes, mouth etc. integrated with colors and shapes.  The other book, I would like to make of things he can do ie. his development so... I CAN smile, I CAN roll, I CAN crawl, I CAN walk, I CAN feed myself, I CAN clap, I CAN laugh etc.  I am a reading teacher and the use of books for children to explore and learn about themselves is very important... with pictures, even better!!  Plus, how fun would it be to keep it forever and share and teach his kids! 

Entry #4- My dream photo session is to have all my grandma's 7 great grand-kids together in a photo with her, along with the rest of the family. She is not able to remember most of us anymore due to Alzheimer's, however she loves to look at photos. Also this would be a wonderful photo for our family to treasure in years to come.

Entry #5- My dream photo session would be a trash the dress session, with me in my wedding gown and my husband in a tuxedo and my 2 little boys, 2 years & 6 months finger painting (in bright colors) on the cathedral train. Shot outside sometime late summer or early fall 2012.

Entry #6- Growing up there was a small group of girls I went to school with & we did a lot together.  We all ended up having kids around the same time. I think it would be neat to do a mom and kid photo shoot with us around the Canal Winchester area where we grew up, and had so many cherished memories from our childhood.

Entry #7- I would love to have "engagement pictures" for my husband and myself.   We have been married a little over 5 years and have been blessed with two wonderful little boys and much joy and happiness.  What many do not know is that our wedding was a very difficult time for us.  My parents had given my now husband permission to marry me after I finished my graduate studies, and essentially revoked their consent when re-approached by him after my graduation.  We attempted to resolve the situation, but my parents had a lot of anxiety letting their oldest child marry.  Anyway, things worked out over time.  We married in court and started our own lives together.  My parents finally accepted our union and we are very grateful.  But, because we never had a real wedding or engagement  I do not have engagement pictures.  Every time I see pictures of a couple I get teary eyed.  I would love to have pictures to commemorate our love and life together, and to serve as a positive reminder of a time that I have blocked out of my mind for so long.  Thank you for taking the time to read our story and dream session.  

Entry #8- A rainy or snowy late Winter/early Spring evening in our kitchenjazz music playingmommy, daddy & baby in the kitchencooking up a stormmaking dinner, drinking wine for mommy and daddymaking homemade baby food for baby girlJust the three of us (much like it used to be the 2 of us for the very long long journey of waiting for us to become pregnant, 4 years!)in the kitchen, cooking, laughing, lovingThis would be my dream sessionus at home, being us.

Entry #9- My dream photo shoot would be a glamorous couture style shoot.  With extravagant clothing and hair and make up.  With my children shot at our home.  Perhaps doing something mundane all done up.  And my kiddos ( all 5 of them!) there looking adorable as always!


{Let's Get Creative} Lindsey Scholz Photography | Cyber Monday

LET's GET CREATIVE!!! Black Friday, I didn't do anything at all. BUT, it's Cyber Monday!! Let's do something fun. E-mail me your dream session. I will then post it to my blog (anonymously) & allow people to vote the coolest most creative one. Whoever gets the most votes wins that session for FREE!!! The only catch is that it can't be shot until 2012 as I am super duper busy. Ready GO!!!