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If there is one word I can use to describe myself, as cliche as it sounds, is passionate. I am passionate about all aspects of my life. When I was little I came home MELTING DOWN because I missed ONE spelling word. Just one & I THINK it was the bonus word at that. In elementary school I won the Dare contest & got to speak in front of all the 5th Grade Parents & Students in the Gahanna school district preaching about why you shouldn't do drugs. That was a lot of people for a 5th grader to speak in front of (oh & my brother & I got into a screaming fight literally two hours before which left me with a hoarse voice, but sister still nailed it & I have the backpack they gave me full of goodies still to prove it). In high school art was my passion. I started to not do AS well (dude, I still held a 3.0, I think) with my normal classes but excelled in my art classes. Ceramics was actually my FAV, I could throw on the wheel for hours & hours. I skipped ALL normal study halls to be down in the art room with the best 2 art teachers ever. One whom I am still friends with today (&&&& she referred a Bride to me & possibly wants me to come be a guest speaker for her class!! WOAH!! Honored!) I hate cigarettes. I am SOOO passionate about that. Probably because I grew up without grandparents on my mom's side & watched my grandpa pass from lung cancer as a young child. I of course tried them at one point in my early adulthood, but man do I HATE them. I HATE the way they smell. I hate the way they smell on your clothing. But what I HATE most is how they smell when they are covered up. As a non-smoker you can ALWAYS tell if someone is a smoker by the smell of their breath, no matter how much gum you chew. Ok, see, I went on a rant because it is something I am SO passionate about. Hmmm, some others, I am TOTALLY pro-life. That's a huge one that I will leave at just that. Kids. I am obsessed, I LOVE & am maybe a little envious of their lives. My family. We seriously have some major quacks in our family. But man, when you see us when we are all together, you see nothing but love. Our Christmas party is a spectacular site (think plywood walls, with deer carcass', all of us dressed cute in a key shop, drinking tons of alcohol, eating a ridiculous amount of food, which I stay away from anything that looks like chili for fear of dear meat in it, singing Santa Claus is coming to town as he LITERALLY does, all while watching the children's eyes light up as they try to figure out WHICH uncle Santa is. And it's my Uncle Ron & he ROCKS it, with make-up, steamed glasses & a bag full of goodies to give to the kids.) I am passionate about traditions & making sure I still keep my old ones but bring on the best ones for my sweet baby boy. I am PASSIONATE about BEING there. My high school teacher said it best when he said "Be where you are when your there." I am doing my best to always do that. I am a cell phone NUT but, Momma doesn't miss one awesome memory with her baby (See, I am passionate about being a Momma too, it is my favorite role!) But I am so so so passionate about photography.

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” -Aaron Siskind

With photography you get moments that mean everything captured forever. When everything changes, that moment will always be the same. I just love that I am able to keep memories alive for so many people.

This video below is my Nicu baby. I call him MY nicu baby because I LOVE this family. I do admit that I take ownership with my clients because I work hard to build relationships friendships with them. They mean SO much to me. I took pictures for them ONE time before this. Then sweet baby Peyton was born. I instantly felt the need to take his pictures. To document this time in their lives that while scary, is also so amazing. These are truly his NEWBORN pictures. This was him fresh as can be. I didn't ask for anything in return. That's how much passion I have. Yes, this is my job, but it is also something I LOVE. I wanted them to have these moments back. To someday see just how far he really did come. I just wanted to do this for them & I am so so happy I did.

**PLEASE pay attention to the second to last pic, haha, it's like he was saying "YESSSSS, she's done!" haha. ENJOY!!!

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  1. beautiful, this family will cherish these photos forever.