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Births always get me. ALWAYS. To me they are the most wonderful thing to photograph. True, raw human emotion. Weddings are lovely. They are amazing with all of the beautiful intricate details that make up the whole day. BUT, NOTHING compares to watching & photographing a new baby being born. A new life. A couple who were once just husband & wife becoming parents together. They are incredible. 

This birth was very dear to me, as most of mine are. I have known this couple since high school. They started dating like 2 months before my husband & I did. Cara & I grew up in the same neighborhood so many summer days were spent together. I didn't get to be in the room for the birth. The Dr. wouldn't allow it, I did however wait & wait & wait, ok, so she labored long, hahah, but I am oh so happy I did. At once ALL of her entire family got to go into the delivery room & meet Baby Bridget. Words really can't describe it. Picture this, sun shining in, worship music playing in the background celebrating God & this new life, new parents, new grandparents, a new great grandma, new aunts & uncles all there to meet one little girl. It was MAGICAL. The moment when the great grandma got to see her grandbaby. I will never forget it. EVERRRR. She sobbed. There was not a dry eye in that room. It gives me chills. Baby Bridget had her eyes open the entire time. As if she was saying, "HELLOOOO world. I am HERE!! I am so happy to meet you all!" It was so cool. Everyone just slowly passed her along. Cuddling. Loving. Embracing. If I could redo my birthing experience I would have wanted it to be exactly as hers was. It was just beautiful & I am happy I was there to capture it for them to remember for all of their lives. <3

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