{ Central Ohio Lifestyle Photographer } Lindsey Scholz Photography | Twins

I don't even know how to begin this post. This video means so much to me. I knew about this pregnancy VERY early on. Then I knew they were twins very EARLY on. I was in the room when the ultrasound tech announced they are girls & photographed their reactions! I helped host a shower where here family welcomed me as their own. Their big brother is a day older than my "baby" boy. What started as an "oh our due dates are 2 weeks apart, let's add each other as facebook friends" friendship, has blossomed into something that I couldn't imagine not having in my life. Tiffany, Dan & I all went to high school together. They were older than me! HAH! :) And I find it hard to even remember her maiden name sometimes because our friendship wasn't then, it is now & it is beautiful. I so wanted to be in that delivery room, but having these babies arrive safely was the top priority & with them being preemies, it just wasn't an option. I felt so honored to just be there. One of the babies spent time in theNicu. They wouldn't allow me back there, so I edited a few that they took & threw them in here too. I love this BIG family so much & am so happy that they will have this love captured forever. 

** One thing we talked about during her pregnancy is how she would ever love another baby as much as she loves Nolan. I told her I don't understand how it happens. How can you ever love another child as much as you love the one who made you a Momma? Because of her I KNOW that someday I too will be able to love another little babe. She shows it. She was MADE to be a Momma & she is an incredible one!**

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  1. You knew about this pregnancy about 2 seconds after I knew! LOL. Thank you Lindsey... it is incredible and I am SO BLESSED to call you a best friend <3